Ain’t No Lady – unreleased!

(working title, hebrew, isreal)

Pat Parker (usa, 1944-1989) was part of the "black panther movement". As a black, lesbian woman, she inspired many with her poems, and her activism for women rights. Parker published several collections of their poems. The book was translated to hebrew in 2016 by RAV Group.


These old poems are prevailing. Naama HaCohen and Tomer Beitan, and Tom Iddan, found, that these words need to be told again and give Pat Parker a new voice in their musical musical interpretations of five pieces in Hebrew and in English, the EP will be released under the name "Where Will You Be".

LYRICS in English in EPK

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Audio Sample

Where Will You Be
Don't let the Fascists speak
Movement in Black
The Law
A Woman in Town

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Naama HaCohen