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Writing all these things yourself can be a drag.

We help you to fix up all your texts and make sure you have them in all languages needed.
Proper, professionally written the right length and to the point. With our bad ass lyrical pros who are a lot into music and love to hit the keyboard to release words and letters. 

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Consulting Music Rights

Is it all a big cloud for you?

We feel you, a few years ago we wished there was an education to just give us that insight in music rights. In the meantime we got there by reading many books, working with very experienced people and trial and errors.

We're happy to share our know-how with you. We can give you an overview, an insight in publisher and label work and why these business models require shares of your music rights and what you may want in return.

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marketing | self management

"What is all that and why do I need to do this?? All I want is play music!!!"

We help you to be well prepared and have it all together. Labels, agents, publicists and publishers will just love you. We explain to you what material you need to have ready for what purpose, which channels are important to be on, how to do it without a lot of effort.

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